About the Artist
Denise Fletcher

Denise Fletcher began exploring her creativity in the media of silver and gold jewelry in 2003. A graduate of Nyack College in New York, she holds a B.S. degree in management, yet gained her jeweler skills at The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Southwest Michigan. Always an artist, Denise became strongly attuned to the concepts of innovation, fashion, and creativity during her 15-year long career in the fragrance industry in her native New York.

Working side by side with perfumers, olfactory evaluators, and chemists intimately acquainted her with the world of artistic development from a unique point of view: the art of creating and producing a fragrance. Designing and creating jewelry follows a very similar artistic process. The dream of the object encounters the rigors of physical realization.

Denise's Deda Jewelry has been featured across Michigan at art fairs, museums, exclusive boutiques, and private home engagements. She sponsors the Daniel J. and S. Denise Fletcher award for exceptional jewelry, an annual prize given at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art's West Michigan Area Show.

Denise lives in Southwest Michigan with her husband and their two children.

"I founded Deda Jewelry in December of 2003 in response to what I saw was a real need to provide unique jewelry to those who want to express their individuality. My clients wear jewelry to express their own sense of style."